2014 Baseball Season in Maine and “Was Baseball Really Invented in Maine??”

Maine baseball is pretty much here, and its a great thing to do in Maine.

In fact Maine has hosted baseball games since the 1800’s  – Check out a book called “Was Baseball Really Invented in Maine” written by Will Anderson, which provides “A Wonderful Travel Back To The Game’s Glorious Past.”


Local Schools, College, Professional and Little Leagues all over Maine are gearing up for another season.

In fact little league sign ups are happening now! Don’t know where to find your kiddos team? You can start at www.littleleague.org

The Portland Sea Dogs have various ticket specials and advance season tickets on sale now.

UMaine Baseball Home Games start soon See Full Schedule (Take a look at the Famous UMaine Baseball players who made it to Majors here.)

Maine has a great tradition with Baseball, if your looking for famous Major League Baseball players born in Maine you can see here.

Looking for those standout college players that play summer league… you can attend a game in Old Orchard Beach. The Raging Tide season starts June 4.

But you don’t have to pay to enjoy baseball, find a local baseball diamond and bring some friends! Its a great sport and fun!!

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